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My advice is not too dissimilar to that already given. Drop all of the specialty consoles for passives. The breen ship is easily one of the better destroyers in the game.

One note I will add is that some Romulan Embassy consoles add plasma damage effectively giving you a fifth tactical slot while modifying threat AND bolstering shield repair. If you go plasma

The Porkchop Express build below gives me 7.5K consistently (just broke 10K for the first time). This build is in progress, and will add better Romulan consoles and bridge officers when available.

3x Romulan DHC Plasma
OMEGA Plasma Torpedo

Note: have two bridge layouts; one with torpedo spread, and one with all energy build. If I'm doing probe or Kang babysitting, I use the torpedo set-up for mob damage.

Omega Force Set

3x Fleet Plasma Turrets
1x Borg Cutting Beam

Devices: Shields Bat, Aux Bat, Deuterium

Engineering: 2x Neutronium VR XII, Borg Assimilated Module
Science: 2x Romulan Shield Emitter X (+8.9% Plamsa each), XI Field Emitter
Tactical: 4x Plasma Infusers VR X (cheap and effective)

Bridge Layout:

Ensign Universal, EPS1
Commander Tac: TT1, CSV1, TS3, APB3 (recent convert to APB, drops targets defences by -45 for everyone)
Lieut. Tac, TT1, CRF1
Lieu. Eng. EPS1, ET2
Science, Lt. Comm: ST1, PH2, Gravity Well 1

DOFFS: 2x Cannon recharge, 2x torpedo recharge, 1x damage vs borg

Playstyle: escort hit and run. Mob control with the GW, fire CSV to drop shields, then TS3. Omega tiorpedo spread are the best for AOE damage, clearing 3-4 probes in under 5 seconds.

Tried the Aux2Bat strategy, but found while the damage and speed bump was nice, the breen's hull had no recovery. Just too dangerous (or I wasn't a good pilot).

Alpha strilke at <5km: A + APB + [add your own] after shields drop or against gates, 32K spike.

My first build post. Be gentle

My Two Bits,

Admiral Thrax

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