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Originally Posted by ursusmorologus View Post
As for allowing vertical climbs... If you did do it you would have to rework a lot of stuff, things like NPCs would need to be able to fly vertically to keep you in their arcs, or else people would just fly under the target and point the forward arc up to shoot the NPC who cant shoot back.
This is simply wrong. You are totally misinterpreting this on many levels.

First of all, your statement assumes the NPCs are all using small-arc weapons like torps, cannons, or DBBs. Frankly most NPCs use beam arrays, mines, warp plasma, turrets, carrier-spam, and sci-spam that can already hit an enemy that is directly above or below them.

Furthermore, people already exploit the limited angle of attack of NPCs like Borg Cubes who use torps. My favorite strategy has been to fly directly under the cube and hit it from below with beams and mines. It seems like they've updated the Cubes however to have 360-degree torpedo attacks to counter this however.

So I have just shown how the problem of people exploiting the blind spot directly above or below NPCs is not a problem that's specific to whether or not we have 360 flight ship rotation for players. A beam user can exploit this blind spot of a cannon-using NPC easily enough now without needing the rotation ability.

And since an NPC who is angled up to the max degree possible can already hit you with cannons if you're almost directly over it, you currently have to be *exactly* on top of them to take advantage of this blind spot. But we all know what happens, they circle up to you and a one or two seconds later your advantage is gone. Space piloting *should* be like that -- you *should* be able to get an advantage on an enemy by coming directly down on them.

Enabling full 360-degree rotation would not really give you a significant advantage over enemy NPCs. The trouble to get right over them and then come straight down while they can't hit you with cannons... when you can already get the same advantage by just coming up from behind them... I don't see how that would be unbalancing at all.

But if you had to modify the game you could just expand the rotation of NPCs when they are attacked by a player who has full rotation. I don't think this would be necessary though.

If you are a beam boat, you can already fly directly under an NPC and target them when they can't target you due to their limited rotation arc.

Then if you have NPCs flying vertically, you need EVERYBODY to fly vertically or else the NPCs will wtfpwn the newbs. For me, STO just not that kind of game. You'll never get to the point of full 3D combat anyway, with having to actually aim the guns, so its just incremental change at a lot of cost and very little gain.
No, no, this is so wrong. It's not that big of a difference from the current corkscrewing maneuvers. NPCs flying vertically would not be any harder to target. In fact it's already the case that you often get attacked by NPCs who are directly below you -- they use beams and other crap as I already said. And you already can't target them. You already get attacked by ships from behind you who you can't hit back at.

The rare case where an NPC happened to be directly below you and hitting you with cannons (where currently they can't), would be so rare as to not even be a factor. And even when it did happen, well, that's what Evasive Maneuvers is for!

Also, you can already manipulate firing arcs with reverse and corkscrew and a few other things that people are saying is too damned hard. This is about making it simpler, not making it more involved.
You didn't even read my original post did you? My *whole point* is that it's very frustrating and unbalancing to be forced to use the corkscrew maneuver. It's not "too damned hard" (nobody said that). What it is, is stupid, lame, annoying, and frustrating.

The current system unbalances the advantage that escorts already have over cruisers. Escorts already have a huge advantage over cruisers in maneuverability. But because of the inability to go straight up, the escort with a tight turn radius escorts essentially goes up a thin "spiral staircase" to ascend while the cruiser chasing them has to go up a wide "parking garage spiral" to chase them (instead of being able to simply turn straight up and fly that way). An escort using the corkscrew maneuver vertically can widen their gap from a pursuing cruiser much faster that way than if they fly in a straight line away horizontally, because the pursuing cruiser will have to circle around such a wide radius that for the first part of the maneuver they are actually moving *away* from the escort they're chasing! That's frustrating, and it's indicative of a broken game that needs to be fixed.

Not even regular aerial flight has a limited turn radius. An airplane can go straight up and down. So can Mast Chief in a Banshee. STO needs to with the program!