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03-23-2013, 12:41 PM
Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
I hope not.

Problem with Tribble testing is you dont get PUGs, you get very experienced players usually grouped doing it.

This is why they killed private queues as they would just result on the feedback being from experienced groups, even PUG on Tribble is not going to be a measurement of a PUG on Holodeck.

if the end result is EC is unPUGable on Holodeck they might as well leave it alone, groups could kill it on private queues but PUGs stood little chance of ever completing it.
Exactly... In tribble the players are experienced, if its a challenge for experienced players its to easy, if its possible to beat with 19 idiots, its too easy.

Make the small shards apply a HOT, Say 2% of its HP over 10 seconds PER shard, But these heals are removed by CHarged Partical Burst, And Tachyon Beam.

So it can atleast retain regeneration, and challenge. Because if 20 escorts can warp in, kill it in 30 seconds without challenge IT IS NOT CE! Make CE the Army of One No-Win Scenario.