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03-23-2013, 02:10 PM
U = Character / Ship specs, Including all the interesting stuff such as skill allocation and logs.

O = Social menu, search for freinds, fleet and groups.

I = Inventory, and resources

B = Leave/Enter Shootermode

J = Missions

M = Overhead map


In chatbox:

Right clicking a name, allows you to see diffrent info on a player who has said something.

Pressing backspace without being in the chatwindow, allows you to reply to the last private message sendt to you

Leave Zone chat, and join a more specialized channel the first chance you get. Only return for a good laugh.


Don't be fooled by the constant "XXXX has gotten that nice ship from the lock box" messages. Chances of getting a shiny ship is between 1:200 - 1:700... Only buy masterkeys if you have a excess of money...
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