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03-23-2013, 01:16 PM
Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Out of Combat
5x Human BOFFs 311.8%
0 Human BOFFs 155.9%

In Combat
5x Human BOFFs 181.9%
0 Human BOFFs 26.0%

0 Crew (Theta - In Combat)
5x Human BOFFs 121.2%
0 Human BOFFs 6.5%

That was from Ker'rat. Took forever to find somebody to drop Theta...meh.

Yet, in 101/700 Crew - the repair rate was 39%.

Disruptor Breach.

Need to find somebody with Disruptors to shoot me - see if the same thing happens there.

edit: Thanks to @nixtux for testing at Cracked. Appears it's just the NPC version that does it. The player one didn't.

edit2: Course one thing that stood out was how the recalculations are off - had to reset BOFFs to get it back to the base rate after each death.
virusdancer, what exactly are you still trying to test? I'm curious because I already linked my other thread with a lot of test results and a mathematical formula for computing the hull regeneration rate.