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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
My thing is more about the recalculation issues than the calculation issues. The way the numbers change after death, after zoning, etc. The numbers change. Sometimes you have to reslot a BOFF or reslot a SIF.

There's similar issues for the Jem'Hadar Deflector and how it boosts Perception. Sometimes you have to reslot it. There are issues with Defense where on a warp-in it doesn't calculate it correctly.

Those sort of things.
Yes, I also noticed that sometimes the hull repair rate seems to be "sticky". Even when you are back to 100% crew and out of combat, the wrong number is displayed until you do something that resets it mysteriously.

Also, I believe that the hull repair rate and the number of able crew are not updated simultaneously. Some of the screenshots I took showed the same number of able crew but slightly different hull repair rates. There is probably some kind of UI delay affecting the numbers shown.

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