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Originally Posted by frtoaster View Post
Yes, I also noticed that sometimes the hull repair rate seem to be "sticky". Even when you are back to 100% crew and out of combat, the wrong number is displayed until you do something that resets it mysteriously.
One of those things where you login to X.
You die, respawn, full crew again, but now it's Y.
Then say you zone, and now it's Z.

The funniest such thing I came across though, was pulling a +30 Sensor Probe console and having the Stealth Detection Rating increase.

There are several things in the game where the calculations/recalculations depending on what you've done will be different.

Like that hull repair thing - the Starship Hull Repair number stays the same - but sometimes you still have to reslot the SIF to get the hull repair rate correct.

Hell, it's like Ker'rat - when everybody first enters the zone - it's fine. When it restarts, when the game "recalculates" where a player should start - well, everybody ends up at the KDF spawn.

Not everything is broken like that - I went through and tested weapons/weapon consoles without seeing any issue. But with various Eng/Sci consoles, as well as other gear, and as mentioned here with the BOFFs...there's other problems, meh.

Even in logging in, the calculations can be off. I'll usually beam to a ground instance and then back - because it tends to do the calculations correctly then. But with death in PvP or PvE, that's not really an option - so it's usually a case of trying to find what I'll have to reslot...otherwise it will be off.

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