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marcusdkane - I liked your entry. I'm sure there will be no problems integrating the former Borg Queen into your crew...

Originally Posted by marcusdkane View Post
Have to admit, I am somewhat surprized by Captain Carter's continued faith in Hillel's capabilities, especially when his internal monologue showed a less than humbled realization of the impact of his (in)actions on Thyssr, under those circumstances, I'm concerned that he might continue to be a liability, unless of course, Carter is simply 'giving him the rope to hang himself' in a future LC...
I am envisioning Carter as stubborn and judgmental, but with a sense of duty to help people. He may be giving Hillel a chance at redemption since it's the "right" thing to do, even though he personally disagrees. Does that make him a hypocrite? Or an ideal leader?

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And yeah, when it comes to journalists, some things never change. They were sensationalizing war stories 200 years ago - there's no reason to imagine the same won't be true 400 years from now.
I was trying to find a theme to contrast against past topics of divorce, cloning, and wounded warriors. I just hope the journalist in my family doesn't ever realize I wrote this! (If Branflakes ever makes a challenge along the lines of "write something sentimental that makes your readers weep for joy," I'm sitting that one out.)

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