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03-23-2013, 02:51 PM
Originally Posted by janewaywarrior View Post
As a Tactical Captain myself, I have noticed the enormous power I have over other Captain's of different classes. Coupled with obviously over-powered vessels such as the JHAS or Fleet Defiant and it becomes a deadly "synergy" of its own.....
Originally Posted by janewaywarrior View Post
That will not deal with the underlying issue which is that Tactical Captains are too powerful over every other class.
I'm calling BS on you janeway. I am a Tac and can tell without a doubt you're no Tac. You're clever though & I'll give you that. What you really are is an Eng or Sci who was smart enough to know if you complained about Tac DPS all you'd get are replies telling you to stop your whining. So you decided to use reverse psychology & try to make us believe you're "really" a Tac calling out you're own (Tac) ability of DPS as OP???

The careers are a game of rock/paper/scissors. In this case DPS/Tank/Healer. You're good at one & weak at the other two. If you "really" were a Tac you'd know we get all that DPS at the cost of tank and heal abilities. Tacs have few Eng/Sci skills & consoles. Hence the term "Glass Cannons".

If you're really unhappy about your DPS being OP as a Tac (imposter), lower your weapons power down to nothing or mount beams on your escort. Better yet, run the (in)famous Rainbow build.

Yes this response if filled with sarcasm, but all of the threads calling for nerfs to DPS or increases to beam DPS are unwarranted. There is balance if you look at the big picture.