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Furthermore, people already exploit the limited angle of attack of NPCs like Borg Cubes who use torps. My favorite strategy has been to fly directly under the cube and hit it from below with beams and mines. It seems like they've updated the Cubes however to have 360-degree torpedo attacks to counter this however.
I was actually thinking about the Romulan battleships that you encounter in some of the campaign and in the Tau Dewa systems. If you could easily fly under them where they couldnt hit you with their torpedo spray, you could coast through the maps. So they would need 360 coverage. At which point they will kill everything everywhere.

And for what? Its a pokemon 3D combat model. Most of the players probably dont care except for the few times when they need to change z-axis quickly. Which you can already do.

I'm not actually opposed to it, I'm just saying it seems complicated for the payoff.

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