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03-23-2013, 02:22 PM
Originally Posted by janewaywarrior View Post
As a Tactical Captain myself, I have noticed the enormous power I have over other Captain's of different classes. Coupled with obviously over-powered vessels such as the JHAS or Fleet Defiant and it becomes a deadly "synergy" of its own.
You left out the new Anodorian ship as well. I fly one and can destroy both the fleet defiant and the LOLJHAS. Only the people who can not afford to buy one or have a terrible setup and cant play the game will say the ship sucks...

But yes, Tac's are a bit OP at the moment

I know alot will disagree and say just buff the other classes, but i think they are all fine. Sorry, i know you all want to prevent your flavor of the game class from being hit with the nerf bat, but being a Tac myself, I know they are far above and apart from the other two classes in the game.

I could understand if this game took advantage of the trinity system, however it does not, it is a DPS is king race and nothing more.