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Guys, I started this thread to float the synergy idea and I really don't mind if people critique that idea. There are a lot of smart people who are better at this game than I am and who will have useful opinions, both positive and negative.

Please don't argue about it. I would prefer if people have a criticism that they do it with respect for others.

I'd like to see feedback on what "synergy" in STO means to you, personally, and if you have any specific ideas about how it might work in regard to the game.

Since this is all theoretical brainstorming anyway, there are no "bad" ideas here. Some ideas may be unworkable, unreasonable, or impractical. But let's let the Devs decide those things if they take an interest in this subject, okay? We can discuss, but should not argue.

I hate having to hand out warnings in my own threads, but I do play closer attention to them, so...
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