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03-23-2013, 02:55 PM
Originally Posted by tobar26th View Post
I seem to recall a poll back in the day actually placing the Borg as the number one most wanted faction...I guess getting Denise Crosby changed that ;-)
Unless you're actually playing as the Borg Queen, gameplay as the Borg would not work at all.
It would basically be:

"Three of Twelve. Report to Subsection B of Tertiary Adjunct 325 in Unimatrix Five. Scrub conduit AB2 for the next 10 standard years. Resistance is futile."

I can only assume people who voted for the Borg were either ignorant of this, thought every player would get to be a Borg Queen, or was trolling.
Whatever the case, there's not much reason to take them seriously.