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03-23-2013, 04:06 PM
As nifty as any new faction can be...I would infinitely rather have new content and features added to the existing factions. Otherwise we just get 3 incomplete factions instead of 2.

I will come back, of course and try out the new faction, but I have been bored with STO for over a year, for lack of:

1. a working crafting system - I think most people would agree it's not very compelling.
2. a far more involved exploration system.
3. an expanded, deeper, richer diplomatic mission system.
4. better integration of the Foundry into the core game - the Foundry is great, and will become even more so with the merging of the features from Neverwinter, but it still feels like an add-on to the game, and not really a part of it.
5. the full realization of the starship interiors - this, in addition to the Foundry system, is one of several features that I think really sets STO apart. There are a LOT of sandbox builder type players (myself included) that would be absolutely sucked into STO if it had a fully customizable and functional starship interior system. Starship interiors were introduced 2 years and 2 months ago, yet little has been done to realize their massive potential since then.
6. bug fixes - there are still bugs that are lingering since launch, such as bridge officers not sitting properly in chairs - I was showing a friend my bridge recently who had never seen STO, and felt embarrassed that he saw my BO's butts floating 12 inches above their seats and their hands typing in mid-air.
7. Bridge Officer system - we can assign BO's to the First Officer and Department Head positions via the Duty Officer system, but this has no effect outside of the DO system.

This list doesn't even touch on the Klingon-specific issues, and I am sure others can add extensively to this list.