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03-23-2013, 03:34 PM
First of all I'd like to thank everyone for the replies.
Second i must say i am somewhat dumbstruck by the hate towards the Isometric Charge.

A few things come to mind when reading the comments.
I'm running the Borg XII antiproton DHC which i got prior to Season 7 and though i realize that with S7 and the Romulan reputation some sweet new weapons became available the trusty Borg weapons did their job and from looking at their stats i simply did not find them (the new weapons) a worthwhile investment.

As you are probably aware the prices for the fleet weapons and XII romulan weapons are pretty steep and from time to time i see debates flaring up if they are not hugely overpriced compared to their abilities.

For the comment to add a shield boost, i play several elite PVE and sometimes PVP and i have rarely been in a situation where my shields were depleted so adding another shield boost seems like a wasted slot to be honest.

I added the Isometric charge because i got annoyed by pet spam in pvp (carriers) and i found that the combination of a grav well, CSV and Isometric Charge is a real killer of carriers and groups of spheres. In fact it has been the saving combo when someone popped a generator too early in infected for more times that i can count on these two hands.

The BioNeural warhead i use as a pseudo Point Defense System and when someone tries to get behind me it is a sure way to get their attention. Either they target the BNW first and give me time to send some love their way or they take a heavy hit. Personally i think the BNW has been the best investment for a rear weapon i've made in a while.

Last, but not least.. i set up the breen with a standard escort setup first (2-piece borg and maco shield) 3 turrets and DHC + torpedo. While that is a good setup (still use that on my advanced escort) i found that this set fits my flight style best.

The Omega set i have rarely used and that is something i will most certainly give a try.
Thanks again for the input.

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