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03-23-2013, 03:38 PM
a lot of mixed reviews with this one. many say the nerfing was a good thing others just say its a nerfing and all nerfing is bad! I wont debate either view, personally I didn't try the crystalline entity but the one time and due to those, griefers you know the unruly bunch that come around just to **** with others jerks, they came along an ruined it for me haven't been back since.

As I said, I wont debate the wright or wrong side of the issue, but ultimately it comes down to this the developers of this game, all look at the whole thing with this one simple rule in the form of a question.

Is this still fun the way it is? no seriously ask yourself this !!!!!!!! obviously the answer was a no. so they did the best they could to fix that whether you agree with that, or not is irrelevant, its not whats best for YOU its whats bet for all of us playing it.