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03-23-2013, 04:57 PM
Leave Tacs alone, they pop consistently enough that their not the real problem... The problem is people in cruisers and science vessels don't know how to use them... Go to ESD, its a sespool of misinformation and stupidity, and too many times I see terrible advice being given out to people in general...

If any changes were to be made, I'd like to see:

Cruiser gain +1 boff Lt boff slot, 5th fore weapon slot, weapon drain scaled to weapon damage (not dps)
Science gain +1 deflector slot and +1 universal console slot.

Of all the "problems" with cruisers, which I don't actually think are that numerous, my one problem is they have the same total boffs as little escorts and they have many times 1000 more crew... That's a little ridiculous...