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03-23-2013, 05:00 PM
Originally Posted by lirdek View Post
Why do you think Kumari is such a crap ship compared?
With what?

It have 5 Tactical consoles, it the only non-Fleet and non-Lock Box ship that have 5 tactical consoles.

The BO layout is bad because otherwise everyone would flock to it, truth is I would not mind trading the Uni Lt. for the Engineering Ensign if I could get that Engineering as Lt. because then I would have 2 hull heals (ET and HE) as the only thing I really need on Sci on a escort is HE because its a requirement at this point.

Its just crap because most people rather stay and fight instead of getting out and attack again ... the Kumari is devastating at range but if you try a knife fight then BoPs can certainly out maneuver it and unless you are beam Kumari you are not going to score much hits.