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lets talk about one of my favorite new toys

the fleet MVAM

this all would work on your standerd MVAM, only its a bit more fragile and is without the 5th tac console. that 5th tac console adds some to base damage, makeing your final total damage higher. tac buffs multiply by the final damage, so mostly only when you have lots of stacked tac buffs do you feel a difference between 4 and 5 tac consoles.


3 DHC, 1 quantum, 3 turrets


TT1, HY2

EPtX1, EPtS2

TSS1, HE2, ___


omega deflector

omega engine

maco/fleet elite resistant


turn, MVAM

3x fleet shield heal flow cap/particle gen

5 weapon energy


2 EPtX cooldown damage control doffs, 2 shield distribution doffs, 1 free slot for what you put in your sci LTC station.

not only does this ship have huge damage potential like a bug, it also can have a nasty sci trick of some kind. ive used every good sci skill in that spot and they all add significantly to the ships threat. i'll go over them now

TSS3- you could go heavily defensive, and use TSS3, HE2, and PH1 for maximum survivability, this is a stupidly hard to kill escort if you go down this path, and you still hit just as hard with weapons as ever. you may want to use EPtA1 with this, it will boost heals between aux batts. stick ether a 3rd damage control or shield distribution doff in your free spot.

FBP2- you would use the particle gen consoles here, and an aux batt. with all that particle specing, and tac buffs, no one would dare keep shooting, unless they want to kill themselves. this is perfect for alpha strikes you can see coming, combine this with a counter alpha, and kill them before your torps can even impact them. you may want to use EPtA1 with this, it will boost the damage of FBP and heals between aux batts. stick ether a 3rd damage control or shield distribution doff in your free spot.

TBR2- beat their hull directly for thousands of damage per pulse with this skill. combine it with APO and other tac buffs for best results. you would use the particle gen consoles here, and maybe EPtE1 with this. the more aux you have, the farther they will be pushed away, on this ship you primarily want it for damage though. there is a doff that disables engines with this, ether use it in the free spot or a 3rd damage control or shield distribution doff in your free spot.

CBP2- use the flow cap consoles with this. this may seem an odd choice given PI resistance, but combined with cannon fire it can help kill a sliver of shield facing that would otherwise have prevented your torps from hitting hull. it also quickly identifies players with a bad spec, someone with not enough insulators will be devastated by your Tet glider and CPBs. this is also a delightful weapon to bring to FvK, if you can chase down running bops, they are so screwed, this skill will decloak them. annoying brel harassing your team? blast them with this and get the easiest kill there is. you may want to use EPtA1 with this, it will boost CPB damage and heals between aux batts. stick ether a 3rd damage control or shield distribution doff in your free spot, or use the CPB placate doff.

PSW1- if anything, this is useful for breaking extend shields on your target. it can also if pulled off right, prevent someone from using TT in time and saving themselves from incoming torps.for the stun to even be half decent though, you need fully speced out decompilers. running the shockwave torp console with this will also get you the most out of decomp specing. there was a doff that lowers PSW cooldown, that did also effected the PWS torp console, but sadly no longer. theres a new PSW doff though, that creates aftershock PSW on everything your PSW hits, this can be devastating for several reasons. first, it can disrupt ALL ES on the field, and if it hits sapm and mine fields, fling enemies 15 clicks away. or actually kill carriers, hit with 8 or more shock waves from their pets.

VM1- best for last proboly. no console boosts this, so stack flow caps again. this can be a spendy skill to use, decompilers is a tier 5 skill and expensive to max out for useing this. even with human doffs being very common, this is still one of your most lethal options. taking away the ability to move, shoot or heal for even a couple of seconds wile you shoot them is devastatingly effective. any of the EPtX1 skills will work fine with this, you might want EPtW to overcap, so your cannons are firieng at the highest energy level they can fire at. use the free doff slot for a VM doff, so they can be hit with additional offlines.

if your feeling lucky, you can slot 2 of these offensive skills at once, like FBP2 and TBR1. you lose a hull or shield heal though. doing that might be better suited for the breen ship, you could have the universal for sci.

the MVAM console greatly increases your turn rate and speed, with any of the 3, but especially the beta section. you can match a bug turn for turn with the beta section, you just have less raw hitpoints, and are down a copy of APO. make sure to use that LTC sci skill to compensate. with resistance being the thing that keeps you alive the most, loseing some hitpoints is not a big deal, your just as resistant as before. if you get killed and cant separate to another section right away, remove the console and replace it with another turn console, until you die again. unseperated, a ship with 16 base turn needs 2 turn consoles to keep up and be effective in a dog fight. not many ships can be this dangerous in so many ways, i would take this over a fleet defiant any day.
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