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# 1 Selling Tier 2 KDF Starbase
03-23-2013, 06:15 PM
Hi there,

My KDF fleet decided that we aren't getting much progress done, and getting the requirements to fill the projects proved too strenuous for us, we entered into an agreement with a fleet that is T4 that is allowing us to join their ranks.

That said, since we are giving up on our current fleet, I am selling up the fleet and its remaining resources to any KDF fleets of a lower tier, for 20 Million Energy Credits that, if they want a quick boost to Tier 2.

Information about Fleet Holdings:
Starbase Tier 2 (5000 Starbase XP)
32K Military
32: Engineering
28K Science
Embassy T0
6.5K Embassy Diplomacy
4.8K Embassy Recruitment

Starbase Special Projects: Room with a View, Interior Designer, All work and some Play, History and Movement, High Security, Where Decisions are made, For Relaxation, Welcom Guests, Works of Art

Embassy Special Projects: None

Any interested parties please contact me in game or reply to this thread.

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