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Originally Posted by lowestlvl View Post
so i had some keys leftover and the key market sucks so i put them to work

04 x11
05 x7
07 x1
15 x1

Dominion Duty Officer x4
Dilithium Mining Claim Preffered Customer x1
Dilithium Mining Claim VIP x2
Phased Polaron Weapons x4
Mirror Universe Assault Escort x1
Console Pack Bio-warhead / Nadeon Detenator
Gamma Quadrant Doff Pack x5
Reinforcement Doff Mini Pack x1
your point? the chance of winning the ship is a lot lower then one in twenty, don't be surprised you didn't get one.

Originally Posted by xunclexruckusx View Post
i had a few fleet bonus pools that i put on the market, they didnt sell and I got a message saying that theyd been returned to me. I NEVER got them back, along with a few Gamma quadrant duty officer packs... I cant find proper support either.
The items should be attached to the mails that said your item was returned, but you can only retrieve the item from them if you are at a mail terminal on a station.

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