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Sanders: Well, I can tell you something, Danny. You're not getting a trial.

*He nods to an approaching guard.*

Cos you're being released, on probation. Basically, you're free, but in my custody.

*The guard releases the restraints, taking the binders out of the room with him.*

C'mon. *He nods to the door and leads Sanders into the discharge hall. As Danny gets his gear, he leans on a wall, arms crossed.*

What happened back then, Danny? How'd you survive when you fell off that ship?
*Danny grunts...*

Danny: I technically did not survive from what they told me... I was their guinea pig for making a super soldier.. It was a grueling affair and the final test did not pan out as they started another project one that we know some about... The one that made Preston...

Because of a anti aging treatment and life extension I spent twenty years learning from Tang Szu who was the twilight assassin... Cunning man... I then took his place when he passed away...

I took jobs in assassinations and in being a soldier for hire, but for reasons of my own... I wanted to stop that system that made me, you, Jacob, Preston, and those twins... A world doesn't need things built for war... its an aberration of nature... Especially artificial newtypes...

*Remembers Kela... *

Right now what is being done about the Klingon Civil War?

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