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03-24-2013, 01:23 AM
My second submission is up, as promised.

I wrote this one for my KDF character, General Ssharki. (Picture him as 2.6m of Gorn - or eight-and-a-half feet - voiced by Philip Seymour Hoffman. From MI:3 or Charlie Wilson's War, not Capote.)

I started this one based of #28: Stranded as Ssharki recording what he believed would be his final log entry following a shuttle crash. As I expanded the story to include the moments leading up to the crash I worked in elements from #33: New Romulus as well. Then I kept writing, started introducing some of Ssharki's senior officers (#26!) and the story expanded itself way beyond what I had anticipated. I'll keep it under the "Stranded" umbrella, but man is it easy to go off on a tangent while writing these stories!

Anyway, please enjoy "FROZEN" and the musical stylings of Shiny Toy Guns.

[Edit] This story contains some strong language, but it's all in Klingon.

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