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03-24-2013, 03:45 AM
Originally Posted by redshirtthefirst View Post
I will be honest, this is in response to some "bye bye" doom/depressive posting here...

Like most, I like to keep my hopes/expectation low and rejoy in what we can get. However, this new expansion brings a ray of sunshine upon Qo'nos and the Empire. Starting at lvl 1 was a very long standing request, since closed beta to be honest... tutorial revamped. Right there, the door is at least opened to new players.

Sure, some will say if there is nothing behind that door, it will be shut as quickly as it was opened. But, this is where it should stop... speculation and wrist cutting posts do nothing... let's wait for development and news about this expansion. This last one was only the big showcase, of course it has no details, it was the big hook.

So, I am cautiously optimistic, so you all should be. Try to smile and be good ambassadors of the KDF on all forums out there...

I completely agree with what you say OP. Through the time we managed to do more with less, so there's no point of worrying at all.
I am happy for these positive signals we got so far and the best we can do is, as you said, be cautiosly optimistic untill we get to know the contents on the next expansion and be grateful for what has been announced so far.
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