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# 68 A Gornanimous Vote
03-24-2013, 05:43 AM
I'm actually going to applaud this fine artistic creation by Digital Extremes:
Unlike others in this thread, who appear conservative and bitter in their mannerisms.
Which to me is more about their hatred towards J.J. Abrams than destructive criticism.

Not only does these models and their textures emphasize a hybrid between the
original Gorn Captain's appearance (TOS) and that of the Gorn Slave Master's (ENT),
it also gives call to the Gorn's reptilian nature by removing obstacle apparel.

To which I might add would burden their cold blooded structure to not be able to
absorb a star's rays while on the move. Or even for that matter take in artificial light's
heat from starboard systems. This, Digital Extremes has corrected for that matter.

Now then, biologically speaking- these Gorn are not akin to velociraptors by any wide margin.
Our historic velociraptors were feathered, small dinosaurs which hunted in a pack behaviour.
These Gorn are crocodillian scaled, amphibious esque, semi-digitigrade snake-like sapiens.
Hell, the only thing I can spot that they have common with velociraptors is a similar skeleton.

So are people making such a damn fuss over a slightly nonhuman skeleton? saying it's un-Star Treksy?
Really, the galaxy is a wide and open place, a lot of weird varieties will no doubt occur from that.
The reason there's so many 'human skeletons' is due to the Preservers spreading their DNA all willy nilly.
Gorn aren't warm blooded. So I don't believe they could have been 'seeded' by the Preservers.

Anyway, I'm an avid Gorn player myself and I don't mind this alternative video game look at all.
The only hiccup I have with it is that the Gorn really should never be given a tail, it's just odd.

Other than that, my main problems are with the game's storyline to which these Gorn habitually feature in.
For me it feels like Digital Extremes have made them out to be an all out bad guy without a two sided view.
That's strange! As the Gorn usually are hyper-intelligent creatures with logical reasons for their actions.

But I do admit that Digital Extremes have used some of that personality to evolve their technology status.
As it appears their weapons and armour plates are given that edge in new design not found elsewhere.
This, I find also to be seen on the exterior of STO Gorn vessels. A scientific knowledge beyond most.

Suffice to say and to summarize this post - don't judge a Gorn by it's scales. tl;dr

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