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As for synergy, I feel that most of the Engineering BOff abilities actually work better on other ships than the cruiser platform that supposedly specializes in their use. Just look at how Klingons use their BOPs to chain Science disables to Warp Plasma, or how well DEM complements Cannons and Rapid Fire/Scatter Volley.

That's what cruisers should be doing, but they're limited by their BOff layout, poor movement characteristics, and weaponry options.
even on the fad side the only real 'ship class specific' powers are cmdr level abilities, even the lt cmdr abilities are non exclusive.
and of those, the game changing powers like rsp are available to all, and are actually less useful in practice at higher levels either due to disgusting cd's, or the need to sacrifice heals for offensive abilities in order to match effectiveness.
Figure out and address the players path of least resistance to reward. this one thing is THE consistent factor undermining all your efforts. be that crafting, raids or starbase projects.