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My Klingon main is a TOS Klingon, which I had to make using the Alien species.

The worst thing about it is that, while Cryptic has given us the unique gold tunic, they have NOT given us the distinctive pants or belt or boots. And the female Klingons in TOS had a unique one-piece miniskirt dress which is also not in the game at all.

Dear Cryptic: If you're going to give us a "TOS Uniform" option, please give us the ENTIRE UNIFORM, not just one piece of it! And a way to make Klingons smooth-headed and with the facial hair of the TOS. Otherwise, we can't really make TOS Klingons at all!
I just started playing this and I bought a boatload of Zen to do a TOS version of the game. They really haven't made a TOS Klingon pack yet? Dang...... Whoever's been making custom TOS Klingons, please shoot me a PM on how to do it. Thanks!