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Originally Posted by thecosmic1 View Post
But it's not that far in the past in the TOS era. Archer is still an Admiral in the early TOS era. We're not talking time difference between TOS and Nemesis here.

And let's remember how the crew of the Enterprise treated Spock when they learned that Romulans looked like Vulcans in TOS. Racism never really dies.
That guy was one asshat who was never seen again, so he never really amounted to anything.
The occasional bad apple vs. a whole team of Starfleet security who engage in violent fights against their own kind for no reason.

Not at all. It is like talking about the fact that red-headed people's skin is more sensitive to sunlight. It's just part of genetics.
Except that since Spock passed is exams or whatever he needed to get into the science academy with flying colours, the guy has no reason to point out these shortcomings and certainly no reason to taunt him over it. Especially since his father, a respected member of Vulcan society is RIGHT THERE.

So this guy is insulting the mother of an applicant, and insulting the wife of a colleague. There is no way that this is remotely logical.

You do understand that the foundation of Star Trek is one of loyalty and friendship, right? Spock snapped out of Pon Farr when he the had killed Kirk. Bones coming out of retirement because his Kirk asked him to. Spock giving up the kolinahr because of friendship. Kirk and his crews sacrificed everything to save McCoy and Spock's katra.

You forget that Uhura has just spent 4 years dealing with Kirk on an almost daily basis in the Academy. It might be 3 minutes in the movie but it's 4 years in continuity. They're friends, even if not close friends.
Yeah she's spent 4 years dealing with an immature, unworthy asshat with the social manners of a mountain goat. I wouldn't call that friendship.