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03-24-2013, 07:34 AM
Originally Posted by sollvax
He has spots
he sleeps around
he cheats on tests

he is therefore unfit to command a shuttlepod

Shatner's Kirk probably had spots when he was a similar age. Shatner's Kirk DEFINITELY slept around. Shatner's Kirk cheated on the same test. Just saying.
Shatners kirk was an ENSIGN when he had spots
he did not command anything
and interestingly did not cheat the same way (seduction and corruption of impressionable women)

Archer is a holodeck character and thus extremely soft canon
ditto his pet blowfish spunky/phlox

anything from enterprise can be considered soft canon thanks to that nice commander riker

And when I see statements like that I know who I no longer need to take seriously.
holodeck programs are NOT hard canon (otherwise captain proton is canon)
and as the final episode revealed it was a reg barclay holonovel
none of its actually very solid is it