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Originally Posted by bluegeek View Post
I'd like to see feedback on what "synergy" in STO means to you, personally, and if you have any specific ideas about how it might work in regard to the game.
How often does a Tac use a Captain ability compared to a Tac BOFF ability?
How often does an Eng use a Captain ability compared to an Eng BOFF ability?
How often does a Sci use a Captain ability compared to a Sci BOFF ability?

In a 15 minute period or so, there will only be 10-27% uptime on Captain abilities. That's 73% or more downtime. Now of course, timing is important in regard to when those abilities are used - but in the end you're still going to be looking at 73% or more of the time during a 15 minute period where there is no difference between a Tac, Eng, or Sci in whatever ship you are flying.

In Space, there is no difference in the potential skill build one selects. There are no differences in regard to the Traits. There are no Career restrictions on any gear.

10-27% of each 15 minute period...that is all that separates the Careers in Space.

If we look at the base three ship types (yes, this means ignoring a whole bunch of ships) - Escort, Cruiser, and Science Vessel...there's a general gist as far as what each one does. Different people will have different thoughts on that, so some may not agree with what I offer below:

Escort - Damage
Cruiser - Healing/Tank
Science Vessel - Control/Damage/Debuff/Healing

That being said, a quick look at the Captain abilities:

Tac - Damage
Eng - Tank
Sci - Buff/Debuff

It's not so much about Synergy, but rather about Balance (which is massively out of whack)...imho. But I will touch upon Synergy in a moment (since imo Career matters little overall and should matter more).

A Tac in an Escort? Damage + Damage
A Tac in a Cruiser? Damage + Healing/Tank
A Tac in a Science Vessel? Damage + Control/Damage/Debuff/Healing

An Eng in an Escort? Tank + Damage
An Eng in a Cruiser? Tank + Healing/Tank
An Eng in a Science Vessel? Tank + Control/Damage/Debuff/Healing

A Sci in an Escort? Buff/Debuff + Damage
A Sci in a Cruiser? Buff/Debuff + Healing/Tank
A Sci in a Science Vessel? Buff/Debuff + Control/Damage/Debuff/Healing

That Tac in the Escort should be capable of the most damage.
That Tac in the Escort should also be the squishiest thing in Space without actual support.

That Tac in the Escort SHOULD REQUIRE support...or spend most of the time looking at a Respawn button.

That Eng in a Cruiser should be capable of taking the most damage.
That Eng in a Cruiser should also be doing the least damage imaginable.

There is not any content that requires the Eng in a Cruiser TANK.

That Sci in a Science Vessel should be capable of being the most annoying player.
That Sci in a Science Vessel should be capable of being the most annoying player.

Yes, I repeated myself. Think about it. Aha, yeah? Goodl

There is not any content that requires the Sci in a Science Vessel CONTROL/DEBUFF.

Those three things right've got your STF where folks complain when there is an Eng/Cruiser or Sci/Sci - since the five Tac/Escorts can do it more efficiently.

One can look at the various options of why you'd put each of the three Careers in each of the three Ships - there's all sorts of balance options there...that er, just aren't in the game.

Want some Damage & Control? Grab a Tac in a Sci or a Sci in an Escort. Have more than one healer and want more damage? How about a pair of Tacs in Cruisers? Have some tough content where you need that mix of damage and tank? Eng in Escorts and Tac in Cruisers, eh? Yes, you can envision the various possibilities - the different ways in which different groups could be put together to handle various scenarios...rather than it being the severe case of Cookie Cutter Syndrome we've got going on.

Okay then, so am I ready to discuss Synergy with Captains? Er, nope. First I want to address the curious manner in which BOFF abilities are the same regardless of ship. Though, I suppose one could say that's a form of discussing Synergy, eh? Maybe? Dunno.

Nah, not really. It's just a case of how many abilities do the same thing regardless of the ship that they are on. There's not enough dynamic there, imho, about how the Ships should vary. Kind of ties into thoughts about the Captains, eh? Kind of gets back to that Cookie Cutter Syndrome, I suppose...

Okay, so how about that Synergy now?

Should be "three" things, imo:

BOFF Ability

They should all be somewhat different, modified by all three.

A Tac Captain in an Escort using Ability X should be different than a Tac Captain in a Cruiser using Ability X should be different than a Tac Captain in a Science Vessel using Ability X should be different than an Eng Captain in an Escort using Ability X should be different than an Eng Captain in a Cruiser using Ability X should be different than...a Sci Captain in a Science Vessel using Ability X.

Yes, I shortened that list of "should be different" - but you get the gist. Both the Captain and the Ship should affect the particular "thingamabob" that each BOFF Ability does. Likewise of course, each Captain Ability should be affected by the Ship they're flying.

Would this already be mind-boggling in complexity before one even began to look at the various gear out there and the affect all of this would have on Balance? No sh...sugar.

To an extent though, some of it would be as simple as what we see with various abilities being DOFF'd. Rather than having those 5 Active DOFFs - it would be a case of those "specials" coming about (that form of Synergy forming) because of the Captain and Ship with regard to the BOFF Ability. would all go back to the basics that I typed out about the three Careers and three base Ships.

Maybe, eh?

Something along the lines of...

Tac Captain, Science Vessel, Engineer BOFF: +Dmg, +Control/Debuff, +Tank/Heal

Maybe it's a case that one expands those basic things, cause a Tac actually does more than just that. There's even ways one can flip things around a bit - because of their specialty, eh?

Take a look at EPtS - and - what you could put together for a Tac in a Sci, eh?
How about BO for a Sci in a Cruiser? How about Jam for an Eng in an Escort?

Does that make sense? That overall combination of Synergy...Flavor?

Course, oodles and oodles would have to be addressed before any of that was even considered, eh?

But sometimes it is just fun to type things out - knowing that even though they will never happen, they're not going to be nagging a form of release.