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03-24-2013, 08:20 AM
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Let's imagine a federation escort being hit by a romulan warbird.Fed raise RSP, has some bleed trough ,hull gets some damage and 5 human boff instant heal the damage.Warbird is in big trouble now.
instead of taking normal hull damage(+/- none really) and getting its shields topped off,
its now getting its shield topped off at a slower rate and is subject to +40% bleed on to of the shields current bleed, and since it hasnt got the slots for hull heals/resists, it ends up with less hull

Some ships can run AuxtoBat builds and with a lower cd on rsp i wonder how it would be for example to fight against such a ship of course having 5 human boffs and federation elite weapons using FAW.

PS:I am using romulan instead kdf in my example so who is reading have a better perspective
i dont see why using some beta release nonsense that itself should be fixed, to justify not correcting other powers that seem to have an odd cost/benefit measure to them.

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I agree with this and it allows for the feds to now benefit from not only the clearly unintended leadership trait consequence, but they now are able to chain RSP.
this beta release stuff is really getting on my nerves.
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can you say attack pattern angry forumers 3?