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03-24-2013, 08:27 AM
I currently run four toons, three Feds and a Klingon (and will add a fifth Romulan one when LoR goes live). Currently only my Klingon and one of my Feds are maxed out on inventory slots, but I plan on eventually maxing out the others too. However, recently my priority has been maxing out my DOff slots, which I just completed over the weekend. All four of my toons are now up to the limit of 400 DOff slots.

One reason I need so many inventory slots is for consumables. I grind Omega Force SE STFs and go through components like water, so I have seven slots just for stacking components (4 minor, 2 major, 1 critical). I also have slots set aside for Borg neural processors, Major Regenerators, Large Shield Charges and various and sundry commodities that are often needed to complete Omega Force tasks (and DOff assignments).

My character banks are plenty big as they are, but I've maxed out my account bank and it's still taken some doing to keep more than a handful of those slots freed up, mainly because I've got a ton of stuff I'm saving for my other two Fed toons (and eventually my Rommie) when they make VA. I ended up stashing a bunch of those items in the character banks instead.

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