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03-24-2013, 08:37 AM
I must say, this is poorly planned.

Players shouldn't be confused on when the event starts. Announcements should be made on every thread that is dedicated to Host-Participant communications.

Additionally, for those of us who volunteered to help, it would be courteous to at least respond to their application with confirmation that their help is requested, or not needed. There was a spot with an email address on that form, at least use it if you require it on the application form. This would have saved a lot of time checking and waiting for a response. A lot of us have other priorities other than this game, and it would be nice to be able to coordinate with workplaces on what times need to be booked off so I can assist here.

Finally, there seems to be no specific curriculum planned for this academy. Every educational institution has a curriculum planned, and in some cases is made available to students upon request, if it is not provided already. Unlike PVP Boot Camp, this Academy seems to have no page-by-page curriculum posted, nor were there options to contact the event hosters for such information.

Seeing what happened here, I will be staying away from this project, unless it is improved to address these significant gaps in planning and execution.

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