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03-24-2013, 09:01 AM
Originally Posted by startux View Post
Well I did get a tweet back from Cryptic, simply stated that they have tons of dev blog planned after I asked them about the KDF. That's about the most anyone could expect at this stage.

This is the most hopeful the KDF has been so far in quite sometime, although I won't get my hopes up with regards to bug fixes lol.

Dev blogs saying what? Oh look guys, new tutorial! Look! Rank 1 start! Look! our intern cobbled up some lame 1->35 kdf missions for you to rank up!

...which is all pointless garbage since the time people spend between 1 to 50 on the fed side now is less than a week.

No end game additions for KDF is the sole indicator that Cryptic just doesn't care about KDF no matter how much they promise and state they do. Words mean nothing, actions do. So far their actions prove only that they don't.

Where are the new ships for KDF that are not copy/paste versions of fed ships and are not lockbox? Where are our unique ship designs (vesta type)? Ah right.. NOWHERE. Not one in 2 years.

Where are the fixes to critical KDF gameplay bugs that for 2 years have plagued the faction? Ah..right.. they NEVER came. However it is important to note the instant the Federation received access to KDF equipment the bugs that were tied to same equipment were magically fixed.

(yes, we are still very bitter of the decloak-for-comms bug. Grow some balls and admit it is a bug not a feature and fix the gdamn thing).

and now, the romulan faction will simply bury the KDF due to all efforts going into them as the soon to be most popular/populous faction. I would like to say that any work that was scheduled for KDF would not happen now.

...but I know it simply was never scheduled in the first place.