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03-24-2013, 09:49 AM
I disagree with him, lazy is not really the right word.... for one anymore, I see just as many real companies release crap and then spend months in post production fixing their products.

There are three factors that need to be looked at:
1. all applications game/"real" are driven by release date, not code function date.
2. money money money... how can we make it and how soon can we get it
3. Us the gamer/consumer.

We line up outside Apple waiting for new phones that we don't even know that will work and then complain for months until things are fixed. Take STO, Cryptic/Perfect World has repeatedly shown us over the last year that they aren't up to the task anymore of releasing quality and there is still a large majority of players who can't wait to be the first one to get a hold of the new broken romulan faction. We allow companies to treat us the way we do by continuing to buy their junk and spend money on it.

Companies continue to push their developers into money driven products, money driven tricks and toys.

But the bottom line is, if we "the gamer" stop spending cash, they will start making better code. They have dumbed it down to what we will pay for.


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