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03-24-2013, 11:38 AM
1.: I want to be able to arrange my Boff List myself. I have about 40 Boffs and I don't know why it is not able to arrange them by profession. I have six departments (sci/med/tac/sec/eng/ops) and when I want to compare or do changes to Boffs it is always complicated to browse through the whole list.

2.: I want my Boffs at Commander level to be able to do their own small missions. Not PvE, or PvP or story missions, but doing some exploring, walking around. Some sort of a light version of my captain. Maybe with the away team.

and that leads over to

3.: The Boffs need more customization freedom.
Off-Duty Uniforms are a must!
Ground Boffs should be able to put on Kits too! Or at least my chosen leading Commander level Boff.