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# 1824 IKS Lollygag
03-24-2013, 12:04 PM
There I was....


Pugged in and said 'HI'

One responce.

The mission went fine except for one Klink ship.

We'll call him IKS Lollygag.

He sat at the Kang, never fired a shot.

Then he slowly came over to the cube, never fired a shot.

The he died.

Then he came back over to the cube where I saw him fire a couple little torps, then nothing.

Then he floats over to the next cube, dies, never fired a shot.

Then he's off 49k away just setting there.

Then he comes back to cube three, I see a couple little disruptor beams pop out, then nothing.

He dies again.

Then the carrier shows up and he comes in, fires off a tractor beam.

The nothing. He's just floating around slowly.

He dies again.

Mission over.

I type, 'Hey IKS Lollygag. Put some weapons on that boat.'

His accolade is just over 1000.

How quaint.