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03-24-2013, 12:31 PM
Originally Posted by retrosrages View Post
any good de buffing/power draining sci/engi ship/toon can strip a tac/escort of its speed and energy levels in seconds it happens all the time in karrat.
If most of you sci/engi knew how to play/skill spec your toon you would see how easy it is to beat a escort/tac toon.
Iv seen sci/engi toons in the wells ship take on 3 or 4 escorts/tacs and they still couldn't kill it, thing is you all seem to want to do the damage of a tac/escort but you don't want to loose your hull and shields in simple terms you want your cake and eat it, learn to skill your engi/sci as its ment to be instead of trying to be a dps king and you will see how easy a tac/escort is to beat
Exactly, many guys that complaint about OP and beg for nerfs simply do not know how to play, I have been playing since before S7 and I'm still learning. What I learn with my Engineer main I will apply to my Science character, And I guarantee I will NOT be begging for a Nerf.