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03-24-2013, 01:35 PM
Here is the sum total of the facts I've seen about the Romulan faction:
  1. We will be able to play as Romulans and Remans.
  2. Romulans, at least, will get coats with lapels and a pattern based on the TNG uniform.
  3. There will be playable Warbirds with Singularity Cores. D'deridex, Mogai, and similar-to-Mogai-but-different Warbirds are all shown.
  4. The starting ship is the TOS Bird-of-Prey, complete with bird decal.
  5. It's the Romulan Republic, not the Romulan Empire (thus likely either D'Tan's faction as-is or something that develops into his faction by level 50)
  6. We get the option to start as a level 1 Romulan as our first character.

All this is pulled from the website. We know nothing of what it will actually be like. Branflakes has apparently been showing some secret preview-type stuff at PAX East, though.