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Originally Posted by dragon47 View Post
Tribbles don't work for Klingons (not just KDF...My Klingon Fed captain can't use one either) because Tribbles don't like Klingons (and vice versa). As for a replacement, you pretty much answered that on your own, I'm afraid (that I know of personally).
The best Tribble replacement is the Gambling Device from the Lobi store, which can be found in reward packs in the Exchange for a few million each if you don't feel like gathering the Lobi yourself.

It grants a fairly large bonus to dodge, crit chance, and crit severity when you "win," which happens fairly frequently. (and losing is hardly even a slap on the wrist... the penalties mirror the bonuses, but last only 1 minute instead of an hour and you can try again in half a minute, which wipes your losing "bonus")