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03-24-2013, 03:01 PM
Have a round robin. 5 escorts, 5 cruisers and 5 science ships. Who will win? 5 escorts. How will they do it? Easily. They are OP. The only people who won't agree are people who are primarily escort flyers who enjoy smashing the people who are brave and adventurous enough to try things other than escorts. They will also be people whose objectiveness and fairness is overshadowed by their desperate need to win.

How people can find enjoyment winning 15-0 over non-escort groups is beyond me. Maybe they were victimised as children in school and need to take out their years of rage against sci and cruiser captains.

What do I fly? I fly all sorts of ships, including escorts, but I fly sci and cruisers more often as it's more of a challenge. Flying my bug yields kills pretty easily. That's not what I'm after. Challenge without the abject fear of losing that I see some people possessing.