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Originally Posted by hartzilla View Post
Or some of us just perfer the more realistic TOS federation to the naive moronic TNG federation who seem to only make bed treaties
Hard to argue that the Treaty of Algeron was a bad treaty; what exactly did the Federation lose in exchange for sixty plus years of peace? Nothing, as far as we can tell. Their allies, the Klingons, had plenty of cloaking devices they were presumably studying (for anti-cloaking technology, since we know the Federation's sensor technology has kept pace), and when they needed a cloaking device, the Romulans just loaned them one!

Now, if you want an interesting cloaking device, don't put it in place of a weapon. Put it in place of the shield. There's lots of reasons to believe that the cloaking device is actually a modification to the shield system, after all. A unique, Mk XII ultra-rare shield which allows for limited cloaking would be a unique tactical dimension, involving some interesting trade-offs.