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03-24-2013, 04:26 PM
Maybe connection problems.
Or something else to do.

Ok. My ones.

The first is my first cure elite. And it shows how ignorant "elite" players can be.
Ok, back then i had a trident with jem set, jem arrays, plasma from the distore in front, distoreplasmamines in the back and polaronturrets.
Not that good but not that bad either. The bofflayout was semigood. It is a long time ago, but i realy remember it...

Ok, came in and i was typing something like "hi, i did cure before but this is my first elite, something i should know? hints?"
Yeah - complete silence. So i did as i have learnd. Kill the probes, go with the other. At the Kang was just one lonly cruiser who had problems and i was the only one who broke off everytime to help and who helpd to heal the kang. While the "fancy" escortpilots and an other cruiser where even ignoring the own bops on the cube they where on.
I died one or 2 times and, other then the "attackgroup" i was repairing my ship.

The probes, the neggi and the raptor on the center where cleared and the right was clean. And someone shooted at it. So i go over there to help. I didn't realize, that it was a supportship you can call when realy damaged. The cube was at 2%.
So i startet shooting and after a few shoots the cube explode.

Just a few secs later (not even the opt time was run out) in the chat "thank [Charakter Name] for failing", some bad words and then 2 escorts warped out. One of them was the often dying escort that would be my first suspect of calling the support.

Before they left i only was able to shout, that i asked for advice. With 3 we where not able to save the kang.

Now the fun thing starts. Some days later, cure elite. Center probes, right probes, right cube (I was just AAAA).
But i did as i was told and helped out on the left and the cruisers (warpplasma) and i slowed the raptors down and none reached the kang. Rest was a cakewalk and even the opt was reached...

No comment on that...

But in the last weeks i had some fun too.
The one with the 2 gates (i just can't differ between kit and the other ). I am able to hold all 4 probes without even moving and to take out a cube at the start and help at the small and the big gen that are near the path of the probes.
And i was "supported" bye a multicolor 7 beam 1 quantum Vesta. I have a Vesta with beams too (i want my aux high not drained) so i know what it can do.
He shoot at the small gens and called the cube, without doing real dmg and then he died.
After i killed the cube he was starting to shoot at the big gen but everytime probes comming through the gate (i said to him more then one time, that i don't need help) he came back for "help" using fire at will - and getting killed bye the attracked gate. Realy, i never seen someone getting shooted from the gate (he was realy bad at selfhealing) so often. It was like "fly in and get killed". So we where 4...
On the other big gen (i was at the right gate) finaly a escort appeared, that was like 5min in joining. He startet to shoot one gen, then some min nothing. Then the second, noting, dead, nothing, came back, shooting on the other 2 small gens and then on the big one. Killed from the cube, nothing, came back, killed the gen, killed the cube (i had taken to low health before) then just staying around until looting after donatara. A half afk player. So we where 3.
On the other side, they managed to call both cubes at the same time. And the engi that was on gateduty did a wonderfull job killing the probes and holding his ship togehter against the cube while the escorts where not in the moot for helping. Finaly, after 90s respawn, my friend in the Vesta was helping him. At last he got some shoots and buyed some time for the cruiser - with another death.
And then he "helped" on the other side like he did on my side.
And yeah, the 5km for donatara. The cruiser and I - yes. So she clocked more then one time.

And 2 short ones.
Cure Elite (my old love). 3 escorts, one cruiser and my vesta. Every escort on an other cube. At the end we (they) only took 6 probes down (the cruiser and I had to fight against all bops) and called in 3 neggis and 3 raptors. Short story, under the escortrun of these 6 ships we where unable to protect the Kang from the bops.
Funfact, 2 of the escorts left before the Kang died and took the 1hour (2min later it was down). The cruiser zoomed in to go down fighting, i just stayed away after my 3. death and waited for the boom.

Hive elite.
Started with 3 cruisers (2 of them where tac) and another Vesta. First cruiser zoomed in, using fire at will - 4 taccubes and the escortspheres on the run. And they where focus the fire on one of the taccubes, at last 3 did it. I even said "spheres" but...
2 cruiser left, 2 Catian Carriers came in. And we where killed and we where killed and we where killed. Finaly 3 taccubes and some spheres where camping the spawnpoint for some min. I respawned and i was dead just 2sek later.
When they left i just left. I think for leaving Hive is possible without 1 hour ban for sft.