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03-24-2013, 04:58 PM
Originally Posted by lizwei View Post
Yes, it's popular. So is Twilight and Call of Duty.
There's a reason why the appeal to popularity is a logical fallacy.

Even if JJ Trek had nothing to do with Trek (and really, it basically doesn't), it's still a brainless action flick with a plot that is so insipidly stupid that it's borderline offensive.
It mangles astrophysics in a way that makes Generations look like a masterpiece of science fact, it's protagonists are all unlikable butt-heads (except for McCoy, but I put that down less to the writing and more to the fact that Karl Urban is freaking awesome), it's villain is a whiny cry baby with no good reason to do what he does and the sets are god awful, from the ridiculous lensflare ridden iBridge to using a brewery as an engine room. A BREWERY.
Series one Red Dwarf managed to make more convincing spaceship sets than that.

Actually that brewery looks more realistic then the flashy tube of blue lights they were before it.

Perhaps they should have used a fake nuclear reactor with strange markins and high tech equipment on it.

Oh...and it was a great movie!