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Originally Posted by mushariagain View Post
Um, ok, firstly, no; if escorts get any less durable than they already are then how the hell is anyone supposed to do the campaign? I run with a patrol escort, VA with a rare covariant cap2 shield and 2 neutronium alloy and I still have trouble with some of the npc ships, especially since I'm usually solo and not in a fleet.

Secondly, steadfastly NO; if tacs get any weaker on ground then they're going to be one-shotted by pretty much everything, I can't tell you how many hypos and what not I go through in ground combat and I STILL have to get rezz at least once on pretty much every map, given that I know how to spec and equip my team to be effective and I fight cautiously, that shouldn't happen nearly so often - nerfing their durability any more than they have already would just ruin them.

Thirdly, finally, WHAT?!?: Now look, I can see why tacs should be nerfed in pvp, that's fair but I, personally, get tired of the constant ******** and moaning from people with a pvp/fleet action mentality (I don't see any other reason that you'd be complaining so if you're not in that group, just take this as disjointed ranting), there is more to the game than pvp/fleet action.

Having said all of that, nerfing the high level npc ships for solo players, now THAT, that I can understand.
Agreed. I also have a fine Fleet Excelsior who can tank any tactical cube or Donatra scimitar that happens to cross its way. Oooh..and deal medium damage.

I alone in my ship let 4 pugs survive instead of gettine one shotted. I let them fight and deal some damage myself, and I'm awesome to do that.