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03-24-2013, 10:09 PM
I have really mixed feelings about the "new old" Gorn. On one hand, they looks nice and there is plenty of existing apocryphal backup for there being multiple species of Gorn within the Hegemony. On the other hand, the rigid caste system - with all the mooks being one species, all the lieutenants being another, all the snipers being yet a third -- and exclusively female -- and so forth seems odd. Frankly, my knee jerk reaction is to say it smacks of Halo-rip-offery, something Perpetual also struggled with.

However, the thing that really worries me about the "new old" Gorn is their role in the story. Historically, most of the apocrypha has presented the Gorn as a culturally advanced race that - while it might not be ideologically aligned with the Federation - wasn't a bunch of "scary villains" once us primates get past their scaly hides. Indeed, in one parallel universe the Gorn ended up as a crucial Federation ally. All of the publicity I've seen for the ST game seems to indicate that the Gorn are being re-imagined as drooling monsters, intent on "conquering the Federation." I'm disappointed to see the ST game going down a path that diminishes the originality of the Gorn.

TL;DR: I'm OK with the artwork, but there are a lot of other implications in the game's initial publicity that I'm not thrilled with.