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03-24-2013, 09:25 PM
Originally Posted by seshahn View Post
So, is there any fix to the godawful framerate issues that I cant seem to find any information on? My fps spikes from 45-60 to 4 and makes the game pretty much unplayable without a punching bag nearby.

Latest drivers, no overheating, more than enough hardware to run the game, and I get insane framerate hiccups anywhere, everywhere, on any graphics setting regardless of any fix usually 1 out of every 10 seconds while on the ground.

Space, I get a lot more fps generally, (starbase 24 not included >.<) but on the ground every 12 seconds for 1 or 2 seconds I get an fps drop to under 5.

I run skyrim maxed, aside from antialiasing (4x) and antisitropic (which I have at 8x) guild wars 2 on max, crysis 2 on max (dont waste your money)

and in STO I can have my settings on the absolute lowest and still have this issue, or the absolute highest, no change.

I have tried the last 2 7xxx series drivers for my ATI 7870, ensured my cooling is better than it has in ages, ran memtest86 and ensured my 16gb of ram is working properly, so please...

What can I do to play this game and enjoy how fun it is? Cuz this horrible spikey lagness fps drops are literally killing me. I would have better blood pressure sitting naked in space with 1000 paper cuts than I am getting playing this game with all this constant freeze-lagging fps. Halp D:
Hopefully the UI improvements in May's update will help. I think its a new UI engine, but I can not confirm at this time. We are all hopefull...

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