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Star Trek: Enterprise is fully canon- I dare you to list even three official, non-fan sources that say otherwise. Only that one episode at the very end is shown to be a holodeck program, and likely one written by historians given that Riker considered it accurate enough to be inspiration for what he had to do next. There was no indication at any point in the series or that episode to show that the rest was a holoprogram as well.

Don't pull things out of your butt and act like they're a fact.
I agree, if it helps consider it part of the AR universe, the Temporal Cold War coming about thanks to Janeway saving the 29th Century Sol system (Future's End pt2) which in turn created this parallel timeline that ENT and Star Trek XI is in. People might dispute them being in the same timeline due to what Spock was saying in that movie but remember he was only theorizing with the facts he had at hand. It would explain the USS Kelvin at the beginning of the movie too.

That way the haters can stay happy and cuddle up to their own canon pillow and timeline and the rest of us don't have to listen to their endless pointless and closed minded dribble about ENT and Star Trek XI being non-canon and destroying Trek and all that other garbage.
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