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03-24-2013, 10:16 PM
I am fully supporting this idea.

- Add Universal BOff slots
- Add a Universal Console slot
- Increase turn speed by two points
- Reduce hitpoints (if needed)

This would make Cruisers in general much more versatile and much more like they "should" be.

In my experience giving some cruisers a Turn rate lower tahn 8 is just evil and has nothing to do with balance anymore. The only point of it is to make those ships unpopular in favour of faster ships.

I could also live with a slight reduction of their hitpoints, if Starfleetr Cruisers would finally become a bit more the "jack of all trades" instead of being completely un-fun and useless (COMPARED to almost all other ships in STO).

There is one little thing i would like to add:

Cryptic should release a universal console for Starfleet Cruisers only, which makes them able to equip dual Cannons. This would make them virtually on par with Klingon Cruisers if the Starfleet Cruiser Captain want his ship to be like that.
Of course that console would occupy one Console Slot to compensate the Hull Hitpoints difference between Starfleet and KDF cruisers.
Additionally there wouldn't be any reason for KDF crusier Captains to feel disadvantaged, since Starfleet Cruisers still would be less maneuverable and still wouldn't have acess to a cloaking device.

If Cryptic would change Cruisers as you suggested and if they would introduce such a console, Dual Cannons would finally have some purpose AND the game would see finally a much wider array of different builds. Flying Cruisers would be

On the other hand Escorts wouldn't be touched by this, they still would be DPS kings, but Cryptic cannot expect that everyone wants to fly THEIR favourite ship, especially in a Star Trek Game.
So in a way, your suggestions would also make STO much more like Star Trek while making it more fun at the same time.

I think it would be a Win - Win for everyone.
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