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Originally Posted by taj2480 View Post
You... can't be serious right?

If you want a different Lt Commander slot and ensign slot... there's a cruiser that does that, its the Odyssey. For all others they're the different flavor of cruiser.. The Ambassador for sci, The Regent or Excelsior for Tac, and Galaxy / Galaxy X for Engineering.

Yes it requires that you either be a ship junkie and have all these if you want to switch around or specialize and stick to a ship. Begging like this is like wanting to have your cake an eat it too.

For you see, a long time ago, universal slots only existed on a small bird of prey...

Now they're all up in most new fed ships -p
Cruisers are the "jack of all trades, master of none", in the real Star Trek productions (movies, tv-shows), yet in STO, they act solely as the "tanks" in a pseudo-Trinity style gameplay. A tank in most MMOs, tends to be the fairly stationary target, which absorbs most of the damage, and protect his/her teammates from being hit. Ring any bells?

The introduction of more widespread usage of "Universal" BOff slots on Cruisers, would make Cruisers exactly that: Jack of all trades, master of none. Yes, you can switch between ships to get the "exact" build you want. The bigger question is, why should you have to? If I love flying a Galaxy Class due to it's appearance, and hate it's BOff layout, why should I get shoe-horned into flying a ship with the "proper" BOff layout, but for which I hate the design?

The solution is actually alot simpler in this regard; For every Cruiser you unlock via Zen store purchase, Lockbox, Dilithium or Lobi crystals, you unlock the "skin" for said cruiser, usable by ANY cruiser you choose to fly. Obviously without having the ability to mix-and-match parts from different cruiser styles.